July 5, 2022

Independence Day

Yesterday we celebrated the Declaration of Independence of our great nation, the United States of America.  There were lots of great friends, a cookout, intriguing conversations, a four-wheeler, and lastly fireworks, lots of them.  There’s a tremendous advantage to living on a sizeable plot of land out in the sticks, and your nearest neighbor is hundreds of yards away.  The only thing that was missing, was the firearms and target practice.  Few things get my adrenaline pumping more than sending a few rounds down range and hearing that loud clang as the bullet hits the steel gong targets. The shower of sparks is also deeply satisfying. Unfortunately, there were too many kids running around, not to mention the dogs.

This morning we woke up to the tragedy there were shootings in Chicago and Philadelphia during the July 4th celebrations.  Many people predicted as much in the previous days. I was expecting it myself. Nevertheless, it was still a tragedy and one that’s repeated far too often in these days of turmoil.  We have a lot of angry people in this country, mostly because We the People have been doing a lot of winning lately.  We’ve seen tremendous victories in the Supreme Court.  The end of Roe, which only means the decision whether or not to allow abortions to continue has been kicked back to the states and is no longer a centralized law of the land…not that it was ever a law, to begin with.  The cowards on Capitol Hill don’t have the stomach to divide their voter base to legislate in either direction.  Not that they haven’t tried to.  Many politicians don’t have the stones to put their name on a law that legalizes the casual slaughter of unborn babies in the name of convenience.  It's inconvenient to carry a life full term, it's inconvenient to put a baby up for adoption, after all, you might have some feels.  We can’t have that.

We also saw the decision to not forbid a football coach from praying on the fifty-yard line after a game with his players.  I don’t personally see the big deal.  Players were not forced to participate. If they chose not to, they could simply step to the side as their coach and fellow players knelt for prayer.  Personally, that’s the only kneeling I can tolerate during a football game.  I think it's shameful for anyone to kneel for the singing of the national anthem.  You stand for freedom, and you kneel for the Lord.  I will accept no alternatives.  I stand for all the brave souls who put their lives on the line to defend the freedoms of this great country.  I kneel for the Lord who gave His life as a ransom for many.  Indeed, there is no greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for His friends. I am forever grateful for the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and our men and women in uniform.  Both must be honored in the right way.  I find anything else offensive.  This is America.

The Bill of Rights was not written in order to create a set of laws for our citizens.  It was written as a matter of fact that we have certain rights that the government can never take away.  The right to free speech.  The right to religious freedom. You’re free to worship the flying spaghetti monster if you so choose to.  Google it, you may find it amusing…and perhaps sad.  However, that being said, I respect their right to do so.  The right to keep and bear arms and this right shall not be infringed according to this sacred document.  If this second amendment is never supposed to be infringed upon, then why is it that I must go to my local constabulary and request formal permission before I can own a firearm?  These two things in my mind do not add up.  We have the right to be free from unlawful search and seizure, yet very often employers seek access to our social media accounts in order to rifle through our private messages to make sure we’re not wrong thinkers. I have a real problem with that one.

All men and women are created equal, even though our bodies may differ, we are all still souls created by God. We have the right to equal opportunity, not equal outcome. We have the right to pursue happiness, but this does not include taking away another’s right to pursue happiness. Including unborn babies.  I suggest women go on the pill, or men should have a vasectomy if they choose to behave irresponsibly.  Don’t punish the unborn for your lack of self-control.

Our Declaration of Independence was mankind’s way of saying, “I am done with tyranny.” No more kings, no more unelected dictators decreeing what men and women can and cannot do with their own lives, and their own things. The right to own land and live independently is fundamental to human happiness.  Have you ever read the book, “Five acres and Independence”? It's a fascinating read, I highly recommend it.  You can literally live without a job on five acres of land by growing your own crops (with enough to sell for cash at the farmer’s market), and raising your own livestock for food and other goods.  You can build your own barns and sheds, and you can do all this with basic power equipment, and you can live quite comfortably.  There are few risks of being poisoned by pesticides and GMO food if you grow it all organically.  Granted, not everyone can do this.  Some of us don’t have the physical stamina, or even the bodies to manage all of this hard work.  For some, however, this can be a viable lifestyle and one that we should be free to pursue if we so choose.  Personally, I am not into it.  I like my electronics and my comfort, and the ability to earn a living in my underwear if I want to.

Freedom.  Free to think what you want, say what you want, worship who you want, wear what you want, own the means with which to protect yourself and your family, own land and your own home at a reasonable cost, to pursue your hopes and dreams as you will without anyone telling you that you can’t do it. These are the fundamental principles by which we live.  Men once thought it was perfectly fine to enslave other men simply because they were of a race they found less than human.  Not many people know this, but the first slavers were black, and they sold black slaves to white men.  Something else many don’t know, there were many Irish slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries, but it's not politically expedient to make mention of these.  Being a man of Irish descent myself, I take issue with the enslavement of my kin, but I have no expectations of any reparations forthcoming, unlike the shrieking banshees on the left.

In the coming days, weeks, months, and perhaps even years, all of this is coming to a head.  God-fearing men and women have had their fill of the radical left, the deep state killing our babies, poisoning our food, stealing our livelihoods, and the constant state of war and division in this world. I am believing in God for a new golden era of peace, health, and prosperity for all those who want it.  I believe the reign of terror from the satanic deep state is very quickly coming to its fiery end. Soon, there will be no usurpers and fraudsters in the White House.  Capitol Hill will be stripped clean of the infiltrators who have committed horrific crimes against humanity, things that may make the likes of Hitler and Stalin seem tame by comparison.  I know that’s a bold statement coming from someone who’s just a guy on the internet.

I’ve been a believer since 1993.  I was woken up to the secret world through Alex Jones in the early 2010’s.  For the record, I no longer listen to Alex Jones. I think he’s a liar when he needs to be in order to protect himself or boost his own audience numbers. His ex-mossad buddy Jerome Corsi is also a piece-of-crap liar.  Jones lied about Bill Cooper cussing and fighting on his show.  Recording of the show reveals that never happened, and Alex Jones lied to everyone.  Alex Jones claimed to be talking with “Q”.  No one talks to “Q”.  Q wrote, “No comms outside of 4chan”, at the time that was the board where Q posts were found.  Consequently, I learned about Bill Cooper, and how he was one of the original gangsters (O.G.) in the truther movement. I have his book, “Behold a Pale Horse”, and I recommend all truth-seekers to read it.

There are a lot of shills and shysters in the truther community, but there are also many good ones.  I like RedPill78, X22, Praying Medic, “And We Know”, “Tru Reporting”, and Spaceshot76 just to name a few.  These have all consistently provided lots of good intel, the information you can’t find on mainstream media.  You can find all or most of these channels on Rumble.  They all used to be on Youtube, but they have all been systematically shut down by the left-wing deep-state criminals that run Youtube and Google. Sometimes you have to hunt for the truth, and most people I believe know it when they see it.  Intelligent critical-thinking human beings are not so easily taken in by bullshit. You have to learn to filter out the Simon Parkes, the Phil Godlewski’s, and the Charlie Ward’s of this world.  One honorable mention, Jordan Sather.  Even though I find him to be an insufferable prick, a narcissistic a-hole, and a snot-nosed little shit most of the time, I cannot deny he is right more often than not. I won’t lie, I can tolerate your crap if your intel is good.  I don’t live on an emotional level when it comes to this stuff. I use logic.

In more recent years, I have come to like listening to the prophets.  I’m not talking about the psychics or the astrologers who only leave you with more questions.  I am talking about the modern-day mouthpieces for God like Hank Kunneman, Kim Clement, Katt Kerr, Jeff Jansen, Charlie Shamp, Robin Bullock, Amanda Grace, Julie Green and Dr. Rodney Howard Browne.  I have found their messages to be consistently on point, and surprisingly accurate.  Three or four years ago, I had only heard of one or two of these men and women of God.  Two years ago now, I took a trip with some friends to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to go see Jeff Janson, Katt Kerr, and Charlie Shamp.  I have to admit, I was skeptical of these kinds of things, but I was at least familiar with Kim Clement and recognized his gifted accuracy.  This was during a time when BLM was running crazy, tearing up and burning down cities, and the covid pandemic was in full swing.  I didn’t like the direction my present church was going by only having online services and having black speakers shaming me for my inherent whiteness and compulsory racism due to my whiteness.  These things hit me straight in the gut as hard as a fist.  I could no longer tolerate the permissiveness of the culture in that place. I needed a change.

Thankfully, there were others there who felt as I did, and we all went on this spiritual journey so to speak.  Well, to be fair, I was the one being exposed to new things, these people had already become familiar with this aspect of Christianity, the prophets.  This was all new to me.  I had been birthed into the kingdom in a pentecostal church with a loud and boisterous pastor when I was at the tender age of 29. That man has since died, and the church basically split soon thereafter, and I had been to a couple other churches before I joined the one I am in now.  This is why I am not into the whole cult of personality thing in my church life.  You’re either preaching the Word as God intended, or you’re not, it doesn’t matter how cool you are or how hip and socially tolerant you are.  I want the real thing…baby.

Since then, my spiritual senses have had a tune-up.  I went through some pastoral abuse at one church, not naming names because I believe God will ultimately deal with that, and it's not my responsibility to name them and shame them.  It is what it is, and let’s just say I’ve grown, and I’m healing.  This is why my website is called what it is, and why I hide behind a pseudonym.  It leaves me free to discuss things that may be sensitive. If you knew who I was, then you’d know who these other churches are, and I sincerely do not wish them harm, I forgive them all, and I hope they have forgiven me for what I have done, and believe me, I share some of the guilt for the outcomes I’ve experienced in life. I can be just as much of a big mouth as the people I write about, believe me.  Part of healing is being self-aware, and mindful of one’s own faults and limitations.  As I said before, I have a low tolerance for bullshit, and I suspect my readers are just as intelligent, if not more.  I am humbled you’re even reading my stuff, to be quite honest.  Again, I am just a guy on the internet, nothing more.  Those people have just as much right to redemption, maturity, and growth as I do, so far be it from me to try and steal that from them.  I love them, but I can no longer trust them.

This blog was meant originally to entertain.  Not necessarily to inform, but sometimes I can’t help but slip a bit of truth in there when it’s applicable.  The writing was not my first love.  I was heavily into music, I was a singer, and also a disk jockey at one time.  I also was a fairly decent artist in my public school days, and most people found my work impressive, even though I never really did.  I just enjoyed the mental break I got when I sat down and doodled away in my notebooks.  The fact that some people actually like it, is just a bonus for me. I still draw to this day, though not as much.  Perhaps I will show you some of my more recent drawings when I feel brave enough to.  I loved history, and science as well.  What I really do love is to tell a good story, and maybe dabble in a bit of doodling along the way.  I’ve also spent many an afternoon belting out rock and blues classics using karaoke music, as my neighbors would surely testify.  I do think I am improving. I’m sure they appreciate it.

By now I am realizing this blog post is nothing more than a meandering journey through some of the recesses of my mind. I had originally intended to talk about my fourth of July celebrations, but then one thing led to another, and now I am thinking of making table candles.  You know, the kind where you pour wax on a table and set it on fire, man.

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to read my humble blog, such as it is.  It’s not making me money, but it's serving its purpose by letting me journal out my thoughts for you.  I know it's been some time since I’ve banged out a blog like an amateur hack, but it’s good to feel productive again.  I hope you are at least entertained.  I really need to dedicate more focus to this blogging thing.  It’s good therapy for me.